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Quick Tips to Improve Your Bottom Line

Is It Time to Cull Your Herd?

It's time to cull your cows! Take advantage of sky-high record cull cow prices near $1/lbs and cull cows now. Many dairies are culling 5% of their herds, and you can actually make more profit on fewer cows. #1 Saves you valuable high-priced feed. #2 Helps tighten milk...

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Milk Quality is the Test of the Cow

Here’s a reminder on some industry best practices when caring for your cows’ udders. Predip and leave on for 30 seconds Strip 4 big streams of milk into a strip cup to check for mastitis  Wipe the clean teats and rub for several seconds with a fresh paper towel...

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Our Government Needs You (Really!)

Most of us hate the thought of dealing with government institutions. But, remember, as private citizens, we see the effect of government decisions (good, bad, and ugly) up close and personal. We know what issues actually impact our lives and the consequences coming...

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How to Better Your Breeding Program

How to better your breeding program -  Your breeding program is key to the health and profitability of your herd. With a clear system or framework for choosing how your milkers mate, you could avoid losing massive potential value from your herd. Unfortunately,...

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SCC 2022 Challenge Winners

We want to celebrate the winners of the 2022 SCC Challenge. Yes, we do actually give out the prizes, and we want everyone to know who won. Join us for up coming challenges!

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#1 Reason

#1 reason cows leave herds is failure to breed back. The answer? Many feed Immu-pro 0.75oz per lactating cow every morning stronger heats and greater conception rates are the reward. A twelve month calving interval is the desired goal call 920-650-1631 for your...

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Refinance Now

These are very uncertain times in the world with Russia waring with Ukraine and prospects of China taking over close neighbor Taiwan; it’s easy to see why investors are heavy selling investments causing melt like a popsicle on a hot day because of nervous investors....

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Bio Security

These are major buzz words today for good reason with so many health conditions that can spread, you need a Bio Security plan for your farm. 1) Who can come on to your farm? 2) Where will you purchase animals for your farm from? 3) You may want to provide disposable...

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