It’s time to cull your cows!

Take advantage of sky-high record cull cow prices near $1/lbs and cull cows now. Many dairies are culling 5% of their herds, and you can actually make more profit on fewer cows.

#1 Saves you valuable high-priced feed.

#2 Helps tighten milk supply, which will help farm milk prices.

#3 Save you time dealing with vet treatments on these often chronic cows suffering from mastitis, high SCC, and repeat breedings, and other issues.

 Fewer cows can quickly be less stressful and more profitable for you.


No problem with all that, right?


Life is too short to milk problematic, inferior cows.


Cull 5% of your cows now. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, to help your herd be more productive and profitable, many feed Immu-Pro every morning to gain roughly 80 cents/cow/day profit.

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