Udder Program Instructions

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How customers have successfully used our Udder Program

General Instructions

Minimum 3 weeks feed .75 ounces per head, then if SCC still under 150,000: feed .50 oz. per head per day always feed in the morning only. Blend in TMR or hand-feed individually. Feed throughout lactation and the dry period for maximum effectiveness in naturally boosting immune systems and strengthening reproductive systems. Give all dry cows and bred heifers .25 oz. Immu-PRO per head daily for 60 days before calving and at 30 days before calving start .50 ounce. For best results keep these dry cows and heifers on the above program. Remember, you can start Immu-PRO at any time (on any stage of a cow’s or calf’s life), but ideally, you will want to give Immu-Pro to every animal .25 ounce everyday.

General Directions for ID-1:

1. Call Alpha Genetics at 920.650.1631

Ways Many Customers Use the Udder Programs Products:

1. For best results on cows with general health issues:
A. Most customers start by giving Immu-PRO as instructed above.
B. One of the best tools dairymen use is Uddersol on the udders.
C. To help the cows get back on feed faster, many dairymen give (2) Power Pak Plus Capsules.
D. Many also use Skin Joy Lotion or Spray on affected quarters for 3-5 milkings in a row, or as needed. As always, call us if you have any questions about using any of our products.

2. For cows struggling with more severe issues: We encourage you to also see EGG DRENCH RECIPE on pg. 4.

3. Forwateryoroff-colormilk:
A. Customers hand milk and teat dip infected quarter(s) every 30-60 minutes for as long as needed or until milk becomes white, normal, and flake-free, and udder is soft.
B. They make sure to offer the cow plenty of lukewarm water every 2 hours, and offer calf starter, whole oats, or leafy hay to keep cow eating. Sometimes customers will cover the cow with a blanket for faster recovery.
C. Most will also apply 30cc Uddersol or Skin Joy Lotion or Spray to the udder after each milking until milk is clear and flake-free.
D. Most use the above after each hand milking of infected quarters every 6 hours.
E. Some also use an EGG DRENCH RECIPE (see page 4 for details).

Before Calving:

1. Prevention is the key to good health: Many successful customers keep their cows on 1⁄4 oz. of Immu-PRO for the entire time they are dry and give 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 oz. Immu-PRO per cow per day for 4 weeks before calving.

2. Two days to 1 week before calving, many give 2 Power Pak Plus Capsules orally.

3. At first sign of udder swelling, many customers rub with Skin Joy Lotion (or apply Skin Joy Spray) a.m., noon, and p.m. for 3-8 days until swelling is gone and udder is soft. On day of calving, start increasing Immu-PRO to 1⁄2 oz. for 4 weeks or more.

4. Special Cases: If leaking milk, some customers start milking 2x/day & teat dip before & after milking. They do this in addition to using the above mentioned products.

Respiratory Health:

Customers generally give 2 Power Pak Plus Capsules. Also, they apply Uddersol until temperature returns to normal. Many dairymen also use the “Egg Drench Recipe” below.

Hoof Problems:

Many customers rub 5-10cc Uddersol on hoof, put a piece of plastic wrap over the hoof sole, and bandage. Retreat 3-5 days later, if necessary. Uddersol can also be applied between hoof toes for corns, etc., and on swollen pasturns (above hoof) or on swollen hocks. Apply twice per day (a.m. & p.m.) until healed.
Teat and Udder Injuries:

Customers often rub Skin Joy Lotion on the injury. If the injury is a cut or abrasion, they often apply Uddersol on the affected area twice a day (morning & evening) until healed.
Dry Cow Health:
1. Successful dairymen give 2 Power Pak Plus Capsules for 4-8 days before calving and on the day of calving to boost health and keep cows on feed. For more details please call 920.650.1631

Off Feed or Stressed Cows:

Many give 2 Power Pak Plus Capsules as directed. Customers have also suggested using the following Egg Drench for their stressed or off-feed cows:

Egg Drench Recipe and Use and Recipe:

1) Thoroughly mix 12 eggs (whites & yokes) in large mixing bowl.
2) Pour eggs into an empty 16 oz. bottle.
3) Add 2 Tablespoons of white salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).
4) Add 4-6 oz. of honey (or 10 oz. corn syrup or molasses) to bottle.
5) Top off 16 oz. bottle with hot water, shake until well mixed, and drench cow.
6) Then give a 2nd bottle of 8 oz. Immu-PRO mixed with warm water (to fill 16 oz. bottle). REPEAT 1-2x per day as needed.
7) Offer the cow 2-3 gallons of lukewarm (if possible) water every 2 hours or so during the day.
8) Give about 5 pounds of whole oats and/or calf starter 3 times per day, plus all the leafy hay she wants.
As always, never hesitate to call your vet if animals are not improving in 12-24 hours. As always, prevention, early detection, and quick responses to combat problems with the Udder Program will bring you pleasing results. Never neglect prayer – take all praises and problems to God. He is worthy, able, and unlimited!


How to Be Incredilby Successful with Our Products

How to be incredibly successful with our products. Would you like to gain an extra $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more per year? Together we will try diligently to gain you an extra $1.00 or more per cow per day.

1) Most important: start and stay on year around on Immu-pro; 0.50oz per lactating cow per day every morning all other stock 0.25oz per head per day, mix 0.25 (1) small scoop each calf’s milk. Most herds on our products give all cows over 100 SCC 60cc ID-1 (by the tail head) for three milkings in a row skip one day then repeat.

2) Cows 400 SCC and up they give one bottle of 120cc ID-1 two milkings in a row, skip one day then repeat one bottle ID-1 for two milking in a row then they give 30cc ID-1 booster doses every three days for two weeks (write on the calendar) to help make sure they are healed up and SCC gets close to zero as possible.

3) Cows with watery or “hot” or off color milk they give (2) bottles of ID-1 every 8-12 hours until healed (they may also inject under handful of high rear udder skin and rub in also they hand strip cow’s bad quarters into pail every 23-30 minutes and teat dip after each time (pour this milk down the drain for safety). At night, they infuse 100cc Uddersol up infected Quarters rub up udder for ten second from the bottom to the top of the udder each quarters then teat tip after each time. Many blanket the cow and offer the cow 3-5 gallons of Luke warm water and calf starter or oats and the best hay every one to two hours. Thy also rub 20cc of Uddersol on infected quarter for ten seconds after stripping each time for taking down swelling and fever also with Id-1 and Uddersol together with your good cow care husbandry. They do this until milk is white and normal usually for one to three days, C.M.T. milk before putting it back in the tank.

4) Calf Scours they gave 20cc of Uddersol orally and 60cc or Id-1 orally for three feedings in a row or more if needed. They pull calf off milk and mix 2 eggs without shells into the bag feeder with two quarts water two teaspoons baking soda and one teaspoon salt and four ounces of honey then shake it up then feed every 6-8 hours for one day minimum, longer if needed. Then put calf back on whole milk: any questions call us 1-920-650-1631, call and leave Mike a message anytime we will try to call you back promptly.

5) For calf repertory most infuse 2cc Uddersol up one nostril two times per day for three days also they give 20cc Uddersol orally and 60cc Id-1 orally both two times per day for three days longer if needed.

6) Newborn calves get 30cc ID-1 orally first thing at birth then 30cc ID-1 one time per day for two days also one small scoop of Immu-pro in the calf’s milk daily and their entire life to help prevent scours and other problems this procedure helps mike the best cows!

7) At dry off most, infuse 30cc Uddersol up each teat and rub up each quarter of the udder for ten seconds bottom to top and then teat by using approved teat sealant then retreat dip to seal. Give 60cc ID-1 if already dried off, they give just 60cc ID-1 and no Uddersol.

8) At two to six days before calving they give 60cc ID-1 and at the day of calving 60cc ID-1 many also give one time per week 30cc ID-1 for higher milk production and very low SCC it pays back 4-8 times over the cost of the product.

9) Mastitis: most give 60cc ID-1 3 milkings in a row with 40cc Uddersol infused each time up the infected quarters and then they rub up infused quarter’s bottom to top 10 seconds as usual. They treat more times if needed.

10) Test feed for toxins and balance protein every ninety days (put on a schedule) or less, aim for 2-5lbs milk increase/cow/day/year.

11) Test water for toxins and impurities every year (milk is 80-90% water) people and cows need good tasting odor free water (blood is also about 90% water) any questions call 1-920-560-1631. Some use an ultra violet light water purifier or a reverse osmosis water system.

12) Check your complete milking system and take apart the milkers, pulsators, and for service with miller’s tech every ninety days or less (set up a schedule).

13) Timely change milkers inflations even one week ahead of manufacture recommendations.

14) Use clean, dry good smelling bedding (highly important) consider also adding as a bedding conditioner (hydrated lime and gypsum usagypsum.com 1-717-335-0379). Many use cow mattresses. Clean sand as bedding has worked well also; along with kiln dried wood shavings.

15) Some give Lycogen from vet every six months to all stock.

16) Ventilation and cow cooling (extremely important for good health) check with local cow equipment reps.

17) Most predip teats; leave on thirty seconds, wipe teats clean with fresh paper towel or one fresh microfiber towel/cow, strip 4 streams milk each teat into strip cup check for abnormalities (mastitis) put milkers on thirty seconds later, pull off milkers promptly when done and post dip with barrier dip.

18) Stay on or get on monthly. Cow milk and SCC testing (at least one milking /month)

19) Cull heavy 5% now and 2%/month; milk the best cull the rest (to help raise farm milk prices) also always promotes milk and dairy products.

20) Use low SCS bull semen below 2.7 choose herd bull SCS like A.I. bulls.

21) Check for stray farm voltage testing every year.

22) To breed and improve each generation in your herd to be more the kind of cows you want Contact: aAaweeks.com info@aAaweeks.com phone: 1-802-775-4980 aAa mating proven over 70 years of success.

23) Test feed every 90d, if you find feed toxins – many call us for Stay Strong. Greatly helps raise fat and protein on “normal’ feed also. Stay Strong fed with Immu-pro turns your feed many now report getting 2-5 tenths increase on milk fat 1-3 tenths jump in milk protein also most report 3-10lbs more milk/cow/day. Prepare to be impressed by greater heard health, performance, profits, and less problems with more enjoyment for you. Call1-920-650-1631 for Immu-pro and Stay Strong and any of our products or questions you can do it today.



Have questions about the udder program? Let us know. Where are here to help.