Udder Program

For outstanding herd health, higher quality milk production, and greater profits.


What is the Udder Program?

 A multi-faceted, natural approach to improving overall herd health and an integral part to any Mastitis Control or Milk Quality Program.

The core of the Program revolves around two products:

Immu-PRO and Uddersol

Complete Udder Program Product Line

Can be used in conjunction with other AlphaGenetics products specifically suited to your herd (if necessary), the Program has shown to produce these benefits:

Improve immune systems
Essential part of a good Milk Quality Program
Effective as part of your Mastitis Control Program

Reduce culling
No withholding
Great dry cow treatment

Udder Program Testimonies

A fellow dairyman told us to try the Program. Early on we saw dramatic improvements in heats, conception (85%) and SCC (down 50%). The herd benefits have been consistently good and helped reduce culling and increased our profits. Udders are now soft with very little mastitis. Try it – it’s worked for me and I’m happy.


Great Heritage Holsteins, Sibley IA – USA National Holstein Director

We face many challenges in the southeast US with high temperatures and feed prices. The Program made a significant difference for us by getting cows in heat earlier in lactation and bred back before they can pile up many open days. With nearly no mastitis now and the SCC down from 400 to 200, the Program make more dollars and sense for us.


Abingdon, VA

It’s a ‘destiny changer.’ Looking back about 2 weeks before I started the Program, I was considering selling out. Now, SCC stays low, fat & protein are high (5.6%F, 4.1%P), and cows have very strong heats – and even typically hard breeding cows are settling. We love the products!” SCC 155 (all Jersey cows)


Viroqua, WI

One of the best things I ever did besides marrying my wife was getting on the Udder Program. We were skeptical at first, but we have seen such excellent results, now we actually distribute the products to our friends and neighbors. We are excited about the future. Get on the Program and start enjoying the benefits. There’s nothing else like it!


Maynard, Iowa

With the Program, our SCC is down over 50% and our cows are now in heat 3 weeks fresh or less.


Vista, Manitoba, Canada

FAQ about the Udder Program

What is the “Udder Program?

The “Udder Program” is an easy to use, no withholding, cost-effective system developed over the past 40 years to provide today’s dairy farmer with tools to address broad spectrum of dairy herd health issues. “Udder Program” is a big “umbrella” term for a number of solutions to many complex problems facing dairy calves and cattle.

The “Udder Program” consists of which products?

We have streamlined “The Program” to focus on two key products that can save you money and should become an integral part of your Mastitis Control and Milk Quality Programs. Primary products are:

Immu-PRO: The best feed additive that is available today. Our #1 product for total herd health used worldwide, produced from dried bovine colostrum, whey, and vitamins. Thus, it carries the necessary tools to aid the cow in digestion, reproduction, and quality milk production, along with providing immune system support. Immu-PRO is available in a non-GMO version, which is approved by many major organic certifying agencies for use by organic producers.

Uddersol: A formulation of the finest hybrid Greek oregano oil. This pure, effective, essential oil topical product is useful in a variety of conditions. Uddersol is approved for use by organic producers by most organic certifiers. It is extremely versatile and is very popular worldwide. Click the name above for more information.

ID-1: Rapid immune system enhancement used in a variety of applications from cows through calves. And many have noted it as a milk production stimulator.

Power Pack Plus Capsule: Stress relieving capsule designed for various conditions including udder reproductive calving and digestive issues. An excellent tool for use with all of the above products and no witholding and highly effective on ET work.

Skin Joy Lotion and Spray: The best udder edema relievers on the market and highly effective on injuries. The lotion version is for use in primarily stall barns and the spray is for milking parlors. No withholding.

Rum-A-Fresh Plus: Digestive feed flavoring agent and digestive aid and helps combat stress and feed impurities. Many have noted great rapid improvement with use with Immu-Pro including increased butter fat, protein, and lower somatic cell (SCC). Helps feed intake.

Do you provide free technical support and after-hours help?

Yes! This is what sets AlphaGenetics, Inc. apart from other diary health herd providers! Contact our owner, Michael Sokolowski, at any time at 920.650.1631.

How are the products shipped?

For customers in Wisconsin, Iowa, Northern Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota, our products are shipped via SpeeDee Delivery or UPS. Most will arrive within 1 – 2 business days.

For customers in states not listed above, along with customers in other countries, our products are shipped via UPS. Most packages arrive in about 5 days.

Note: Unless designated otherwise by you such as UPS Air 1,2, or 3 day is available.

When will my order be shipped?

Most orders received by 3 p.m. CST Monday through Friday will be shipped the same day. There is no shipping on weekends or holidays.

When will my order arrive?

The time in transit of your order depends on where you live, and how you would like your order delivered to you.

UPS Ground–1-2 business days in the midwest
UPS Ground–3-4 business days in the East, South, and the Mountain States
UPS Ground–4-5 business days in the Far Western USA
UPS Next Day Air–next business day by 10 a.m. or noon guaranteed (anywhere within U.S.; not available to other countries)
UPS Next Day Air Saver–next business day by end of day guaranteed (anywhere within U.S; not available to other countries)
UPS 2nd Day Air–2nd business day from day of pickup by end of that day guaranteed (anywhere within U.S.; not available to other countries)
UPS Worldwide Standard–(for other countries)–4-7 business days, depending on the country
SpeeDee Delivery–1-2 business days

Note: These are normal delivery dates but weather conditions can also affect delivery times.

If I place my order on a Friday, can I have it shipped to me so that it arrives to me on Saturday?

Possibly. Many areas have Saturday capabilities with an additional cost but not all geographic areas have this ability. Call for more details. Best to order Monday – Thursday to get packages delivered by Friday.

Which products do I need to keep refrigerated?

ID-1. ID-1 is usually shipped in a “polar pack” to keep it cold, and if shipped by UPS, it may be shipped by Next Day or Second Day Air.

How can I place and pay for my order?

Call 920.650.1631 and talk with us. Sorry, our office speaks only English.
Fax your order over to the AlphaGenetics, Inc. Business Office at /store/.
First-time U.S. customers can pay for their order via a credit/debit card or ACH bank withdrawal (at the time the order is placed), or via C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery). Let us know your preference. There is an extra charge for a C.O.D. payment.
Repeat U.S. cusomers may pay for their order via credit/debit card, ACH bank withdrawal, C.O.D. (writing a check to the delivery driver), or have their order “charged,” which means that they have 10 days to get a payment to us (check or money order) after they receive their products. There is an extra charge for a C.O.D. payment.
First-time and repeat international customers must pay for their order via a credit/debit card or ACH bank withdrawal immediately at the time the order is placed.
For internet orders, fill out the order request online. You may need to call the Business Office directly at /store/ and give them your credit/debit card or check information.

How much do your products cost?

Prices vary and are subject to change. At this point, the most efficient way to find out is to call us at 920.650.1631. Our most recent price list is available upon request.