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See why dairy farmers around the world love Alpha Genetics

  • "We use Immu-PRO and have four new national production records on the Program. It obviously helps our success as we sell 3,000 embryos per year worldwide” SCC 55

    Tom Kestell Ever-Green-View Holsteins, Waldo, WI
  • “After 10 years, it’s still unbelievable: low SCC and high conception. Just try it!” SCC 85

    Steve White New Castle, IN
  • “Others didn’t work; we stay on it for the great results!" SCC 45

    Ludwig Holsteins Fithian, IL
  • “Helps us – over 10 to 1 payback. Nearly $3 quality premiums for every 100 lbs milk.” SCC 74

    Rick Ellingson Iowa Farmer
  • “The Program gives us earlier, stronger heats plus greater conception rates. Very little mastitis and softer udders. Our EX93 Goldwyn made almost 45,000M & 18 SCC. The program saved her life. Our job is so much easier and fun now." SCC 50

    Jason Volker Maynard, IA
  • “Exceptional heats, conception, and udder health. That is what the Udder Program does. Udders are softer and stay silky. Mastitis now very rare. We sold a GTPI 2500 calf for over $120,000. The Program helps.”

    Internationally known East Coast herd
  • “We face many challenges in the southeast US with high temperatures and feed prices. The Program made a significant difference for us by getting cows in heat earlier in lactation and bred back before they can pile up many open days. With nearly no mastitis now and the SCC down from 400 to 200, the Program make more dollars and sense for us.”

    Berry Brothers Dairy Abingdon, VA
  • “Really strong heat cycles and conception now. I’m pretty happy. Was 400 SCC and in 6 months 130 SCC. Another great benefit is I am not having to treat cows for mastitis – they just aren’t getting flare ups. The Program works, and we’re staying on it.”

    Steve Henningfield Burlington, WI
  • “A fellow dairyman told us to try the Program. Early on we saw dramatic improvements in heats, conception (85%) and SCC (down 50%). The herd benefits have been consistently good and helped reduce culling and increased our profits. Udders are now soft with very little mastitis. Try it – it’s worked for me and I’m happy.”

    Leroy Eggink Great Heritage Holsteins, Sibley IA – USA National Holstein Director
  • “The Program works: stronger heats and our lowest SCC ever. We are very pleased with udders – definitely softer, and also better appetites. Milk up 5 lbs/cow/day. Fat test jumped 0.4 to 3.7%, SCC was 200 now 67 in just nine weeks. We are on the Program because it works.” SCC 67

    Linford Weaver Strasburg, PA
  • “Keeps udders soft and pliable without lotions or sprays. SCC really good: 70-80. Now, even older Excellent cows get bred back. We are very happy with the results.” SCC 80

    Mark Eggert Mar-Valley Holsteins, Appleton, WI
  • “With the Program, our SCC is down over 50% and our cows are now in heat 3 weeks fresh or less.”

    Ray Brown Vista, Manitoba, Canada
  • “Other products didn’t work, but the Udder Program did. Very good heat cycles in only the first month. DHIA showed most cows dropped on SCC – even the higher SCC cows. Total herd SCC dropped from about 300 to 100. Going to use the Program on dry cows also.” SCC 100

    Dale Limberg Plymouth, WI
  • “Our best summer ever. Great conception, performance and low SCC on the Program. Our Goldwyn show cows, specialty cheeses made on the farm, and quality milk are highly important to us.” SCC 50

    Eddie Bue Ludwig Holsteins, Fithian IL
  • "For over 10 years, this gets much credit for our success. The basic program has given us greater herd health, production & conception. Just got $28.50/cwt with 4.2%F3.3%P &101 SCC. We highly recommend the program."

    Joe Lengacher New Haven, IN
  • “The Program is definitely working. I split the herd in two evenly matched groups. On DHIA, over twice as many cows dropped their SCC with Dairy Vita Pak as compared to Biocycle Plus. On Dairy Vita Pak, we have earlier heats after calving, better conception, and softer udders free of flare ups.”

    Don Schneider Adell, WI
  • “We have had milk quality awards for seven years in a row, still we wanted to improve and get even better. We were pleasantly surprised to see the Program drop our SCC from 80 to 38. (All Jerseys) Cows even with continuous firm quarters are now soft. Our most recent vet check was 100% pregnant. The Program brings out the quality. It’s enjoyable seeing the results.” SCC 38

    Keith Campbell Antique Valley Farm, Greene, NY
  • “It’s a ‘destiny changer.’ Looking back about 2 weeks before I started the Program, I was considering selling out. Now, SCC stays low, fat & protein are high (5.6%F, 4.1%P), and cows have very strong heats – and even typically hard breeding cows are settling. We love the products!” SCC 155 (all Jersey cows)

    Pat Sullivan Viroqua, WI
  • “No doubt about it – much stronger heats, lower SCC, and healthier cows. It really sells itself!” SCC 90

    Eli Weaver Leola, PA
  • “My milk quality bonuses more than paid for the products twice over!” “Helps our cows milk well and breed back easily. The Skin Joy lotion works great on udder edema better than all other brands.” SCC 89

    Steven Beachy Dundee, OH
  • “The Program provides fantastic fresh cow and calf health. It’s hard to believe about a year ago we had herd health problems and 1.2 million SCC. We saw the Udder Program ad and saw other people’s results and decided to give it a try. We were very surprised to be at 180 SCC in less than two months. They calve in free of mastitis and ready to work on the dry cow program. Calves grow faster and stay healthy now. We really like the Program.”

    Matt Insensee Cashton, WI
  • "Simply the best feed additive we've ever used! Cows breed back easily, produce more milk, have lower SCC and more profit. Try it and stay at it, you'll see."

    Matt Schmidt - Merrill, WI
  • "The program makes life easier and increases herd profits. We house some of the best cows in the world for our clients. The program does the job by keeping them healthy and productive. We feed it every day."

    Dan Hollingsworth - Denton, MD
  • “One of the best things I ever did besides marrying my wife was getting on the Udder Program. We were skeptical at first, but we have seen such excellent results, now we actually distribute the products to our friends and neighbors. We are excited about the future. Get on the Program and start enjoying the benefits. There's nothing else like it!"

    Jason Volker Maynard, Iowa
  • "We have 6 of the breed's best index cows. Try the Program for 2 months or more and see."

    Lou Winters Valley Grove, Virginia
  • “The Program products help us keep the quality up. With 900 cows milking, we believe Skin Joy works well on edema; we like it. On udder rot, Uddersol clears them up well. We like to keep our SCC under 100.” SCC 94

    Frank Regan Regancrest Holsteins in Waukon, IA

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