Did you know the USA bans whole milk being served in public schools?

The children are offered skim & 1% fat milk due to bad unproven science.

Whole milk drinkers actually stay slimmer!

After conferring with school lunch servers that children hate the 1% fat & skim milk & they throw it into the school garbage cans.

Do you see why nearly 90% of 20-30-somethings do not drink milk? Do you think they will buy milk for their children?

No, of course not.

Let’s change that starting today for the USA children, our future leaders & future generations.

Call your congressman now at 202-224-3121 to support & co-sponsor H.R.1147. Then call the above phone number and ask for the numbers of your two senators. Thank them for serving our USA.

Then ask that they would help USA Children stay healthy and that they would support & co-sponsor S1957 Whole Milk for Healthy Kids.

After you have done the above, then sign the petition: https://qrco.de/whole-milk.

Let’s keep the ball rolling and call or text ten friends to do all the above and to each call (10) of their friends to do the same.

Let’s all help get these bills passed & WHOLE MILK back in schools now!