Here’s a reminder on some industry best practices when caring for your cows’ udders.

  1. Predip and leave on for 30 seconds
  2. Strip 4 big streams of milk into a strip cup to check for mastitis 
  3. Wipe the clean teats and rub for several seconds with a fresh paper towel or microfiber cloth for each cow
  4. Waith 30 seconds then apply milker
  5. Remove milker as soon as the cow is done (overmilking regularly leads to mastitis and high SCC)
  6. Always immediately post dip teats if the cow is grazing or temps above 60 degrees (barrier teat dips are highly recommended – ask your vet about quality options)
  7. Create your own “farmer teat dip mix” in a clean jug by mixing 8oz of bleach with 8oz of water and add 30cc or 1oz of glycerine (this you can get at Walmart or Walgreens). Shake thoroughly for 10 seconds. Each batch covers approximately 50 groups of cows. 
  8. Bonus Tip: Add 10-20cc more glycerine if teats are chapped
  9. Bonus Tip: Ask others in your industry if they are using goo barrier teat dips like Valiant or Uddergold. These dips are excellent.

Michael Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc.