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SCC Secretes

You can never be too clean or dry or keep cows too comfortable. Mastitis and SCC causingorganisms and those that cause pneumonia, scours even hoof warts and rot etc. are muchstopped and prevented by super clean comfortable stalls and well ventilated conditions.Milking...

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Every Day is Herd Health Day

No matter what the day, month, or year every day is herd health day. From calves to heifers to cows milking and dry stay on top of health maters get Immu-pro to help you on your journey. Just call 920-650-1631 on how and why then order for top health. By the way,...

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On Your Bull Semen Tank

Ever see anything old at Walmart? Never! Try to find a Milwaukee Bucks Basketball team. NBA Champions 2021 tea shirts or sweat shirt, they're gone. On slow moving or left over inventory from previous season, Walmart either slashes prices or gives it to the poor....

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Information You Can Use

There is so much happening in the world so fast you and I need help! Try: vcyamerica.org click on live radio tab wvr.com, wvwtv.com franspech.com, ic.org/vaccines, lc.org Cchfredom.org /vaccines Cchfreedom.org  The new...

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Animals Feed Pain

We all feel bad when we have a sore throat and usually to do something for it. Imagine you’re a cow! They cannot reach for treatment also when working on hoof trimming or horn removal, etc. To do these items as quickly as possible helps lessen the pain. It is pain...

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Culling Young Stock

Culling makes sense! Just as culling cows for Staph Aureus Mastitis (which is highly contagious by the way and can spread via milkers, employees, and bedding and ruin many good cows) that causes a loss of a lifetime milk production and loss of SCC premiums and income....

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Why Risk The Health of Your Herd?

Some cattle like people are actually allergic to antibiotics, so why take the chance of killing or injuring one of your herd? We have many NON Antibiotic alternatives that can help your valuable herd and you. Your milking will not be interrupted by withholding time...

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Cinnatube and Uddersol

There have been many famous duos: Batman and Robin, Lone Ranger and Tonto to name two, now there is a dynamic duo for dry cows. Cinnatube dry cow teat sealant available from I.B.A. phone number; 1-877-501-5003 or www.ibadairy.com for more information www.cinnatube.com...

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Best Dry Cow Teat Sealant

Cinnatube is the very best dry cow teat sealant on earth! This plant based product is better at stopping dry cow teat sealants plus it’s more cost effective. 1) No blocked filters. 2) No residue in milk receivers. 3) No unsightly black spots on cheese. 4) F.D.A....

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