What Customers Say

Quick Tips to Improve Your Bottom Line


Lycogen is an excellent way to control Staph A Mastitis. Many start giving Lycogen to all heifer calves at six weeks plus the entire herd. Then every six months. Customers report when combine with a regular feeding program or 0.50oz of Immu-pro per lactating cow and...

Dry Cows

The real secret to long term SCC success only two words , dry cows. We have said it for many years Immu-pro helps get herds of all sizes in locations significantly crush their herd SCC yet Immu-pro will have even greater impact and pull back the dark clouds of difficulty and help bring more “sunshine of success”

Times of Change

HOT! Transition time! Cold articles! November is always considered a month of change. Daylight savings time ends for many and if that the night stress is not enough in its self, then comes the weather.

Staff A Prevention

AG web herd health tips: Many are using “Lycogen” as a part of a Staph A prevention program with Immu-Pro. They start with calves at six weeks then every six months some give to all the milking herd also. To help raise farm prices, Please cull 5% of your cows now and...

Cull Cows Now

Farm milk prices now looking good November 2020 over $23/C.W.T.. However with almost 8.7 million cows it is getting “a little crowded” around here. Nothing wrong with making milk but too much of nearly anything can be harmful. Likewise we want to see $20 and milk...

Healthy Calving

Make it easier at calving on cows and heifers.  Many give 2-4 Fight Strong cow capsules for stress 2-6 days before calving and Day Fresh. Great prevention for milk fever, Ketosis and retained placenta and twisted stomachs very ‘low cost’ 1-920-560-1631! Mike...

Warts and Ring Worm

Warts, Ring Worm --- many rub on 5cc Uddersol then rough up with curry comb then many rub on 5cc Uddersol in the morning for 10-14 days or until warts fall off and hair grows back through ring worm areas. Pink eye --- many put 1 drop Uddersol on each infected eye in...

Impact of Heat on Your Herd

Heat stress hitting your herd? Many have found for years just 0.75oz of Immu-Pro to lactating cows greatly helped cool their cows and maintain good feed intake, milk production, help prevent mastitis, and start rolling back SCC even when it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit...

Reverse Economics

“Reverse economics” When Farm milk prices up , pay bills off and put some in “rainy day fund”. Then when milk prices drop, you will have funds to take advantage of lower equipment and other prices. Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.