These are very uncertain times in the world with Russia waring with Ukraine and prospects of China taking over close neighbor Taiwan; it’s easy to see why investors are heavy selling investments causing melt like a popsicle on a hot day because of nervous investors.

Good advice from a broker, “You never lose value on an investment unless you sell for less than you paid for it.” Since the stock market has traditionally gained 8% per year over the last 80 years, it can be wise to “hang in there” and not panic. Wait until the market goes back up and then possibly sell. Another idea is if you have loans to approach lenders and refinance by negotiations lower interest rates with the Fed and others hinting as many as (7) 2022 interest rate hikes. This could be maybe your last chance for years to cut rates. Experts say pay as much extra on loan principle per month as you can.

Michael Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc.