How to better your breeding program – 

Your breeding program is key to the health and profitability of your herd. With a clear system or framework for choosing how your milkers mate, you could avoid losing massive potential value from your herd. Unfortunately, many farmers don’t have a system for clearly choosing how they will breed their stock. 

That’s why I want to share with you a recommendation for the aAa system developed by Bill Weeks. aAa is a system that builds a clear value system for your cow’s health and desired breeding future. This framework gives farmers confidence in breeding healthy calves for whatever traits they want to develop in the herd.  

aAa is a trusted program that can increase the performance of your herd and should be a consideration in your breeding program this year. Go to aaaweeks.com to learn more about how this system helps you hit your health and production goals. 

Michael Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc