(Urgent Warning: COVID-19 Vaccines Could Cause Great Harm!)

Medical science has produced some great benefits: Polio has nearly been eradicated from the planet and cancer treatment methods today are far more effective than ever. I thank the Lord that even my mother twice plus many friends, relatives, and others are surviving cancer and enjoying life again.

However in the feardemic because many are afraid of their own shadows believe the government officials and the major media pump up COVID-19 vaccines have been fast tracked at lightning speed without normal proper testing of 2-3 years, so before you roll up your sleeve and take the needle I would warn you not to. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National institute of allergy and infectious diseases has told all of us (listen carefully) The vaccines will only lessen the symptoms of COVID-19.

Well some have even died from taking the vaccine. There is a possibility of getting H.I.V. and other diseases which could be in the COVID-19 vaccines. You and I have a God given Immune system which works also best without a mask.

Let’s trust God first. Big drug companies like Pfizer are making billions of dollars off of basically useless COVID-19 vaccines. Possible parents will be sterile and unable to have children from the vaccine. The love of money is the root of all evil. 1 Timothy 6:10.

Please check out the facts in plagethebook.com, Cchfreedom.org.,  thenewamerican.com,  worldviewtimes.com, and vcyamerica.org. Sin is still the biggest problem of mankind and only by repenting and asking Jesus to remove your sins and be forever will you be saved.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.