Way back in the did 1970’s there was a very popular song: this song was both patriotic and about relationships. I thought of the U.S.A. whenever I heard it. “For United we stand divided we fall.” It was popular on the 4th of July in the parade’s  theme. I remember all the many marching bands, patriotic music, and the floats many with tons of red, white and blue U.S.A flags having banners on them. My little brother and I remember the drove the farm riding lawn mower in the parade with his hat draped with red, white and blue streamers hanging off it. His big white poster board signs on both sides of a big white washer machine box in a coaster wagon he pulled behind the mower. It said “you guessed a ‘United we stand Divided we Fall’” Seems to me he won a prize for his efforts. Today where are the parades? The celebrate America hoopla; how about the fairs and carnivals with softball tournaments and watermelon eating contests and fireworks on July 4th? America was built on freedom and justice and liberty for all under the constitution.

Back then America was rather United. We could even agree to disagree and still be friends. Now some people who don’t agree with 100% of the views of old friends are leading to parents divorcing over the disagreements.  In some cases in threating their lives or manipulating them, why? What happened? Why are people so divided? I don’t have all the answers but now politics is so divisive some families wisely won’t allowed the subject to be brought up at family holiday and other gatherings. I’ve heard people losing jobs over politics. I imagine some have even divorced their spouses and won’t talk to siblings. I quoted from the Bible at a city council meeting when two councilmen were making a scene viciously arguing. I said “A house (country, marriage, team, church, etc.) divided shall not stand (keep going). Value your spouse, friends, coworkers, team and church members more that political  opinions and ideas. America gets United under the Bible and humbly serve and get along with others. Seeking to serve one another and honoring one another makes relationships stay together.

Michael Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.