In sports we’re all seen some great ones. Tiger woods has won 4 masters in golf titles, Bill Russell has 11 NBA Basketball titles with the Boston Celtics, Derek Jetter in MLB baseball won 5 World Series titles with New York Yankees, and Wane Gretzky NHL Hockey, played for 20 years won 4 Stanley Cup titles all the above all-time great players on and off the playing field.

However who can match the quarterback Tom Brady? He’s Won 2 Super bowl titles since age 40 including 02-07-21 another Super-bowl title at incredible age of 43! In the above great group none ever won a title after their 30’s. In grueling pounding bone crunching injury prone young man’s sport of pro football, when most retire by age 30, Tom Brady is like a well-tuned , well preserved BMW sports car. He just keeps on going much to the astonishment of all and maybe even Tom Brady himself then as the gifted Q.B team leader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the 2021 Super-bowl MVP then announced “I’ll be back next season” wait did he mean play or that he’ll be back in the Super-bowl 56?

Only the Lord knows what will happen! This humble man now has 7 Super-bowl titles and 3 NFL MVP’s and 4 Super-bowl MVP’s including the Bucs 31-9 (02-07-21 trouncing of the defending Super-bowl Champs Kanas City Chiefs.) Patrick Mahomes Kansas City quarter back at age 24 almost one half of Brady’s age. In fact Tom Brady’s is old enough to be his dad! Tom Brady’s 20th year in the NFL experience and a “cool head” and smart football skills and motivation got the Bucs going and they played almost if K.C. Chiefs weren’t there!

Here’s a lesson for all of us. The Secret of Tom Brady’s success is hard work. Work hard to maintain relationships. He always credits his wife and children then he turns to the owners, coaches, players and then the fans. Tom Brady knows he could not be the unique champion without the people around him. Thank the people around you and I. For his physical near 20 year old like with a 43 year old body he credits his trainers. He’s not telling how much cheese and kale he eats either. Tom works out daily, no off season for him, got a feeling his 13 year old son will end up playing pro football too.

Tom motivates people to do their best. After 19 great years with New England Patriots Tome Brady took a ‘O.K.’ team in the Bucs to win the 8th straight Super-bowl 55 (I remember watching the 1st one in January 15, 1967 on a black and white T.V. the Green Bay beat Kanas City 35-10. Of course we had to go milk the cows before the game was over, but the barn radio kept up informed!) The team staffers tell us another “Tom Brady lesson” for us; he is all about competition and preparation, he leads by encouraging words ad example.

Tom “fires up” the team and keeps them going. He outworks his competition mentally and physically. If a game starts at 6 p.m. Tom Brady’s there at 12 noon. He’s the 1st player there; he study’s the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents in game film and their Bucs game film plus what is the game plan. He’s mentally and physically ready to roll by game time confident they will win again (as a former distance runner you run over the race in your head before the race starts by running hundreds of miles and getting your mind ready to handle it).

Tom is also very smart recognizer of talent. The Bucs needed a good tight end, so he persuaded his friends and former tight end teammate Rob Gronkowski from the patriots to come out of retirement this season at age 31. Gronkowski was a big reason for the Bucs success. This tells me Tom Brady could make a great coach when he is done slinging the footballs around; Tom doesn’t give up either. Last year’s defense in the playoffs motivated him to try harder and win and win he did! By the way a dairy farmer customer who knows Tom said Tom is an extremely humble nice guy. The farmer who knows Tom Brady told us how the young tom Brady spent his teenage summer. Working hard on his uncle’s New England dairy farm. Maybe that’s where he learned to work so hard and never give up. Tom Brady best pro athlete ever!

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.