We don’t want to burst your bubble but “Success” is not for sale. Never will you find it offered on Amazon, Walmart or even Costco or any smaller store. Success must be generated by costly investment and normally by hard work, careful planning and “never give up spirit.”

Complaining in night and day contrast to success, is free. It requires only an ungrateful and unthankful usually very lazy hearted person. Usually complainers are very envious and jealous of others who achieve success and acquire stuff I.e. wealth, land, buildings, recognition etc.

Too bad for the complaining person, while he was coveting (the tenth commandment by the way) his successful neighbor’s stuff he could have been working and becoming successful, but he or even she wants successful people to stop and give them a large portions of their hard earned success because it’s not fair.

Ever notice that also complainers have some of the most disarrayed farm steads and homes. You’ll see they are lazy and blame their plight on successful people. Complaining people blame everybody else for their own problems. Successful people keep at it. “God gives all twenty-four hours every day to work and rest. My seventh grade science teacher told our entire class, ”Let’s all get at it working hard for God honoring success”.