Ever notice some phrases are really fitting for people? When the term “high milk production” is mentioned, Wisconsin dairyman Tom Kestell and family come to mind. One would almost think they have a patent on it. To help get the most out of his cows, Tom has used our Dairy Vita Pak and other products from AlphaGenetics, Inc.’s Udder Program for almost 9 years: “Greatly helps to stop mastitis, improve health, and improve embryo production.” Their nearly 100-head herd averages about 36,500 lbs milk, and SCC is typically an amazing 45-65, even with super milk production.

Tom is always quick to credit his hard-working family and cows for their success. He has served on many Holstein Boards, and is a very energetic, dedicated, forward-thinking leader in the Dairy Industry. He is a “road maker” opening new roads of opportunities to sell USA Holstein genetics, and has personally taken promotional trips to Russia and other places, even at his own expense. The trips have paid off as numerous embryos have been sold all over the world. For example, the #1 sire in China is from an Ever-Green-View (E-G-V) embryo. They also dominate China’s “Top 10” sire rankings. He views China as a “tremendous market with an extremely large population to feed, and they want better genetics to increase production.” The Chinese have tried Australian and New Zealand genetics, but they come back for their “plane load” of high milk production genetic embryos from him.

Tom’s herd is not just one dimension: they also have some “pretty faces.” BAA lands in at 110%. Many of his 40-50,000 lbs milk cows are Ex90 and up. Their most famous herd “member” and world-record milk producer is Ever-Green- View My 1326-ET Ex92, with 4y5m365d, 3X,72,170 3.8% 2787F, 3.2% 2142P. They now have the first 5 generations all EX with EXMS 50,000 lbs milk GMD and DOM maternal line. Another great cow is Ever-Green-View Elegance EX92, the #1 combined fat & protein cow in the USA – 6y4m365d 3x 62,430 4.5% 2820F, 3.3% 2053P.

In addition, Tom has helped younger breeders with an embryo share program. Tom gives embryos to young people for implanting and when calves are born, they each take part of the calves. “Thinking of others first” like the Bible states has benefitted Tom. When E-V-G My 1326 was just a calf, Tom went to the young farmer and gave him the first pick. Tom ended up with 1326 (named for her ear tag)! Tom now sells more embryos annually than any USA breeder – over 3,000 per year. Also, hundreds of herd bulls are sold annually. Last year, they qualified for the Holstein Association USA’s Herd of Excellence recognition. Great job, folks! We are thankful for their friendship and world-class success on the Udder Program. Tom & Gin Kestell and Family – True Dairyman Heroes!

Visit their website at: http://www.holsteinworld.com/ever-green-view/