When you think about it, creation shows God’s great wisdom, order, and care. In the “dairy world,” however, you either seem to find high volume or quality. Regancrest exceptionally accomplishes both, milking nearly 750 cows (and 900 soon). They typically still maintain 100 or less SCC average. Experts say having sires in A.I. that have a major positive impact is a sign of a great breeder. Any of these sound familiar? Durham (only 5-time Premier Sire at Int’l Holstein Shows), Dundee, Diehard, Braxton are only a few of their bulls. Frank Regan recently told me, “I just want to breed bulls that will improve herds for people everywhere.”

Established in 1951 by William & Angella Regan, today it is a partnership of their sons, Ron, Charlie, Bill, and Frank, and some grandchildren. According to global stats, about 500,000 cows are sired by Regancrest bulls. Over 263 excellent cows (90 pts+) carry the famous Regancrest prefix. Over 430 Regancrest bulls sold into A.I. with two currently on the overall Top 100 TPI list. Thousands more were sold as herd bulls. Their current herd average is over 25,000 lbs milk, 3.8%F, 3.1%P. Their 107.1% BAA on 375 cows ranks #1 in the nation for their herd size. Twenty-one year Progressive Genetics herd (average CTPI of +1740) plus more than 50 cows earning Gold Medal Dam Status. Their “flagship” cow is Snow-N-Denises Dellia: 3E95 GMD DOM, selected as Global Cow of the Year 2005 by Holstein Int’l; her most famous son: Durham. Dellia has 21 Excellent daughters (2 @ 94 pts). With over $12,000 average for 2012, the successful Regancrest Command Performance sale is a premier Holstein event they’ve had for 7 years now. Thousands from all over the world visit Regancrest annually. The graciousness, integrity, and hard work of the Regan family help field much global and domestic commerce as “USA Holstein Ambassadors” and promoters of milk and dairy products.

Frank Regan is quick to point out the great teamwork of family and dedicated employees. Regancrest is using Skin Joy Spray, Uddersol, and ID-1 from AlphaGenetics, Inc. to further help maintain highest udder and milk quality. “We work hard at quality, and your products help,” Frank says. Regancrest: quality and quantity – the world’s best dairy cattle breeding establishment. We are extremely grateful to call them friends.