The National Dairy Producers Organization, Inc. has an easy, logical, proven way to demonstrate the truth that “it is better to give than to receive.” This nation-wide dairyman and farm group purchases large amounts of dairy products: cheese, milk, sour cream, etc., and (get this) donates – yes, gives away – to great needy causes. One example of their generosity occurred in the fall of 2012 after Hurricane Sandy. We contacted National Dairy Producers Board Member (and Dairy Vita Pak user) John J. King to consider giving hundreds of tons of cheese and other nutritious dairy products to the thousands of victims of this cataclysmic storm which left over 1 million people without heat or power for many days. Now cheese will not rebuild your house after it is in pieces on the lawn or pay your bills or keep the lights on and heat your home. Yet think how encouraged you would be in time of great peril if you got free cheese or maybe powdered milk to mix with the water daily since you have no refrigeration. What a blessing the NDPO has been by contributing dairy products to this worthy cause of helping others in need. Mr. King got the National Dairy Producers Organization to help ease the pain of loss for Hurricane Sandy victims with healthful dairy products.

Another benefit of the Organization’s work is that it helps bring increased milk prices and stability as it greatly increases the purchases of dairy products by large food distributors. The strategy works! This kind of generous and helpful activity sends a positive message that dairymen care – because they do! Consider joining the NDPO today. Contact John J. King, East Coast Rep. at 717-284-5756, or the National Office at 888-343-5489. It is better to give than to receive. The National Dairy Producers Organization: true dairyman heroes.