In 1920, Doug’s grandfather bought one of the finest farms around (it was homesteaded in the 1870’s), and started milking shorthorns. Six years later, he brought Jerseys to the farm via train from Kentucky, the descendants of which are still milked on the farm. He started the Nemha Creamery in 1929 (purchased by DFA in 1996), and in 1938, Doug was born. Doug and his father have milked Jerseys together for 85 years, and even tried Swedish Reds and Montbelairde cattle. Over the years, they have seen their share of difficulties, such as having to rebuild after a barn fire in 2005.

Today, they farm 1500 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and alfalfa with his son, Mark (a great feed mixer), and sonin- law, Stanley (great with crops). He not only milks about 130 Jerseys, Holsteins, and cross-breeds, he also has Berkshire hogs, Angus beef, and bronze turkeys which are sold to specialty markets in eastern USA. They like using AlphaGenetics, Inc.’s low-SCC sires such as 54H345 Exodus Praises. They have also seen many benefits while using the Udder Program products such as DVP, ID-1, Uddersol, Power Pak Plus, and Skin Joy. He found that mixing ¼ oz of DVP in milk keeps calves healthy.

What lies ahead? Doug is working to start a dairy plant that pays farmers better than DFA. He is bringing in another cowlover from South Africa to join his team, and encourages his teenage grand children to join in the farm. He may even incorporate.

Doug has weathered the “storms” of dairy farming and his hard work, vision for the future, determination, and planning for his family’s future make him a wonderful customer and friend. Doug Metzger, a true dairyman hero.