George Polzin is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet.  He sells about 60 Red and White Herd Bulls and around 100 Red and White Heifers yearly. On the farm, he also has a tractor and farm equipment repair business.

George is more diversified than a WalMart! Besides the Dairy Cattle Sales and the tractor farm and machinery repair shop George runs a landscaping business. Also he has hosted yearly FOREIGN DAIRY TRAINEES. For years he has also served on the school and town board. “Someone has to do the job,” says George Polzin. “My Dad, who had one of the best Guernsey Herds in the Nation, taught us all to work hard and do all things well. While in college for Dairy Science at UW-Riverfalls, George and friends worked weekends fitting and clipping dairy cows at sales to pay for school.

George’s Dad switched to Red & White Holsteins in the early 70’s after seeing the toughness of early Red & Whites in RWDCA pioneer’s, Larry Moore, herd.

George encourages young people “There is work out there if you be willing to try! Dairy Farming is not easy, but it is a good life with a steady income, however it is NOT A PLUSH JOB! And you can’t get fired if you are the boss!” George is a fun, friendly man who likes people and cows.

Years ago, his daughter showed a Red & White Holstein cow at the Wisconsin State Fair. This cow became a GRAND CHAMPION, even beating all the other Black & Whites! This is the only Red & White Holstein ever to get Grand Champion at the Wisconsin State Junior Fair. Now 22 years old, this cow, still in the herd, and has bred back 1st service every year. — Also impressive, three of George’s Normandees have been National Grand Champions with the showmanship skills of his three children!

So, besides all this, what does George do for FUN? Of course, he follows the Green Bay Packers Football team, and the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball team. but George also likes to discuss politics, economics and world events.

Thankfully for Alpha Genetics, Inc. George credits the Udder Program as having helped him tremendously. He says that it keeps the cow bred back and holds the SCC down. His herd has an outstanding 4y5m lactation average! Great work George. You are a very successful Udder Program user and a good friend!