Ever see anything old at Walmart? Never! Try to find a Milwaukee Bucks Basketball team. NBA Champions 2021 tea shirts or sweat shirt, they’re gone. On slow moving or left over inventory from previous season, Walmart either slashes prices or gives it to the poor.

What’s that got to do with our bull semen tank? Glad you asked! If you have any semen in your tank yet from 2010 or earlier, why? Are you ever going to use it? Are there better sires you should be using today? Not saying every “new” sire is good and every “old” sire is “bad,” but you’ve got precious operating capital tied up in semen inventory.

When we had our herd, we benefited much from using older well proven sires as you know how to use them better. However you need a plan for every straw of semen you purchase. Maybe A’s best to “trade in” that semen to your rep. or sell it to someone who will use it. Take a tip from Walmart, Keep inventory moving, and you will gain.