Dear friends, many officials are still telling us to wear face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With all due respect, they have not examined all the facts. It’s like asking where Mount Everest is while standing right in front of it. MASKS DO NOT STOP COVID-19. Masks can stop dusk and gravel, but COVID-19 can go right through masks. Medical science not reports. Masks have now become our health enemy. I do not wear one except when working with dusty or air born dusty conditions.

Dental and medical personnel report horrible health problems coming like a tidal wave with those wearing a mask long term.

Highly increased dental decay and other dental problems. Also lung issues breathing exhaust – pneumonia, etc. Also increased depression issues. Call your officials and thank them for serving us but ask them to remove the mask orders. Masks do not work. Please join me and millions of other who are not wearing a mask. This ineffective idol. Trust God and do not trust everything the government tells you. When entering a mask required building, tell them you have health concerns and cannot wear a mask. HEPA Laws protect you from having them ask you what health conditions. If they continue to press the issue, walk out.

On a high ending note, Matt Miller dedicated the city of Ashland, OH to the Lord Jesus Christ in a public ceremony recently.