An old well known quote in history is: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Look back to Karl Marz (the Russian father of communism in the early 1900s) Adolph Hitler (The German World War 2 dictator) who killed over nine million Jews mostly in prison gas chambers disguised as showers in the 1930s through the mid-1940s. Adolph Hitler killed about 30 million Russians and thousands of American military men in WWII. Joseph Stalin (Russian Communist dictator mid-1920s through 1953) killed about 20 million of his own people (those who opposed him). Joseph Stalin used to have labor camps, famine, executions, and forced colonization.

Yes! This doesn’t sound to cheerful to those who instead of facing reality would rather play computer games but to protect Liberty and Freedom and protect all life. People must be watchful and take action as needed endeavoring to be as peaceful as possible. The tactics of the above evil leaders 1) create discontent, take over the media by which spread lies in the news with their opposition in order to sway public opinion against leadership. Create prolonged riots and violence and burning of cities and kill the opposition then blame it on others (sounds like B.L.M. in Portland Oregon for over eight months in 2020!) Take over much of the farming and food production and distribution, regulate and tax nearly everything. Take over education healthcare churches and nearly everything except the many breaths one can take in a day.

The 46th U.S.A. president just stared his term 01-20-21; those who are believing it’s going to be heaven on earth and to those who getting ready to jump out of a tall building. Stop! We must stop fighting each other and attack the issues instead and protect freedom while we need earthly leaders they will all let us down as they are flawed sinners like every person, thank God He gave authority over all to Jesus Christ to allow and restrict man and all events. (see Matthew 28) U.S.A. presidents here have only two four year term limits.

The wicked king Manasseh killed thousands of innocent people and filled Jerusalem (Isreal) with blood  695-642 B.C. (see 2 Kings 21:16). He reigned 55 years, and he wasn’t even a republican or a democrat. Late in his life Manasseh was tortured by the invading army and taken away by the enemy. While in captivity he repented of his sin and trusted the God of Heaven and commanded the people in his home land (he got back home) to serve God (2 Chronicles 33:16)

Earthly leaders are under tremendous pressure and stress and temptation to do wrong. Instead of complaining about them all the time, the Bible says pray for them to be lead to God (Godly Harvest) and live quiet lives. (1 Timothy 2:2) The perfect ruler the Lord Jesus Christ could come back at any moment (Luke 2:40). Trust Him fully now and keep looking up.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.