You have heard of “tough love” right? “Remember our old time milk the best cull the rest” The dairy industry won’t want to hear the following, but I say this gently  having owned, milked, and shown and leased bulls to A.I. and breeding stock across this great nation U.S.A. At Alpha Genetics Inc. we have been in this industry for nearly fifty years.

So here goes, friends, we as an industry have some big storms in 2020 mainly with a pandemic i.e. COVID-19. This put a real road block to milk and dairy product sales due to nearly 100%  shutdown of schools and in door dining starting in spring 2020. However, I thought aren’t people are still eating but mostly all now at home? Why were tankers of milk being dumped on the fields when it could have been powdered and sent to food banks and refugee camps in the middle east of the world? 

Now milk prices are looking up. This can stimulate herds to increase in cow numbers. Let’s first get as good at marketing milk in the U.S.A. and via experts sales as we are in quickly producing more milk currently approx. 9.4 million about 600,000 more than 2020 cows in the U.S.A.. The Solution? Let’s cull 5% each herd now and 2% each month thereafter; wouldn’t you rather have more net income than less and $25/C.W.T. for your milk than $15-$17 most of the time and give it away? Work hard to promote milk sales: see 97mil.com then look at increasing herd size.