We call all Americans and people around the world to fast and pray for all the people to turn to God and His Word now! Killing other people unless in self-defense or in times of military conflict is called murder and is a breaking of God’s sixth commandment. The killing of an apparent unarmed women in the U.S.A. capital building 01-06-21 is a travesty in the highest degree. Our nation’s deepest sympathies need to go out to this women’s family and those others injured and pray God greatly comforts them and removes any thoughts of bitterness, hatred and retaliation and forgives the shooter, and he will turn himself into the law.

Live peaceably as much as possible with other’s. Sin is the problem not possible with people but is possible with God. Events leading up to this point of boiling over tending to violence should never had occurred due to rampant voter fraud even proved thousands of dead voted is a national and world problem. Yes! This nation (U.S.A.) was founded by violent protesters then war against the most powerful military at the time Great Britain who locked churches in the American colonies and turned many of them into horse stables.  Britain’s military invaded the homes of  the colony people forcing them to provide food and lodging for them also taxed the people to death. U.S.A. is still here today because many farmers, store keepers and pastors and  others stood up against tyranny and freed America starting in 1776.

Think on this: What human government is perfect? None! Then in 1861-1864 Americans fought each other in the great U.S.A. civil war. Our bloodiest conflict still to date with north vs south fighting (over 600,00 deaths) with the north eventually winning in banning all slavery (except maybe dairy farming, just kidding) President Abe Lincoln helped unify and heal the U.S.A..   History shows without an doubt God miraculously founded this great nation through Godly courageous men and women through a series of unexplainable events except that God brought this free republic into being and keeps it going. God keeps it going and protects and provides for it. Just look how fast U.S.A. bounces back from all tragedies, wars, stock market crashes, weather problems, fires, hurricanes, earth quakes and drought etc.

If you elect people and expect them to “save” and provide for you, think again!   They are all frail, flawed thinkers like you and I as well all the nearly eight billion people on the planet are. Instead we all need to weep over our sins and have the sin taken away by confessing and repenting from that which brings sin in our lives.  Abstain  from sin and turn to Jesus Christ 100% by faith to save us from sin and hell, once saved we start following daily God’s Word the Bible to give him glory. Then America could stop voter fraud, get people employed, the abortion we are to stop killing three thousand babies per day and stop excess taxes. America could bring God Glory!! Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.