“Who are they?” you might ask. “They” are all your calves on milk, weaned calves, open and bred heifers. They must be managed well if you are going to achieve future maximum success and profit. If you are making genetic progress, this group should be potentially the greatest group of cows you have ever had to date for milk production, udders, feet and legs and health traits. Unfortunately, your “Jr herd” can have great potential and still fail to miss the target because of how they were raised. For example, calf scours and pneumonia not only can slow growth but limit future performance as a cow, according to many experts. To keep your “Jr herd” going in the right direction many give the following:

1. Power Pak Plus capsules to all cows 2-8 days before calving and .5 ounce Immu-PRO starting 2-4 weeks before calving. Give .25 oz. for all 60 days before calving.

2. ID-1 at birth to all calves and 2 quarts 1st milking colostrum within 1 hour of birth. Save all the 1st milking colostrum and warm it up in a nipple bottle by placing it in a bucket of warm water. Do not microwave milk as it destroys colostrum antigens. Feed this for the next 5 days.

3. .25 ounce Immu-PRO mixed in each calf’s milk bottle or pail every day. Use real, whole milk only – not milk replacer.

4. .25 ounce Immu-PRO top-dressed or TMR mixed in calf feed and feed once a day.

5. Sanitation of equipment, clean bedding, adequate ventilation, fresh water, and sufficient space for each heifer is also of highest priority.

6. Get Immu-PRO, Power Pak Plus Capsules and ID-1 to help make sure your “Jr herd” farm team ends up in the major leagues and hits “home runs” for high performance. Call us today at 1-800-876-2500. We will help you with free, quick consultations as we have for many USA and Canadian herds to stop calf and heifer death losses and help you win