Congress wants to send nearly everyone in the U.SA. a check for $2000 but will get $600. This is not “Free Money” as we benefited U.S.A. tax payers will end up paying for it in taxes. How about a better Idea? Let’s get all able bodied people back to work. Wage earning workers will stimulate the economy history shows more than any government stimulus check ever could.

The U.S.A. additional debt of near 30 trillion will start shrinking. It takes about $10 of your tax dollars and mine to produce $1 of benefit. Wouldn’t churches and civic groups be better and more efficient in getting the job done in getting food and job help.

The government will be better at taking care of our national defense, roads and transportation, boarders,  and monitoring trucking plus food quality and inspection. What say you? Please let us know.  staff@alphageneticsinc.com or call 1-920-560-1631.