Yes! If you stop flies from flying (fight).  You will save yourself thousands of dollars each spring, summer and fall. Dead flies in fact spread no diseases and germs. Flies torment cows and all ages of younger stock as well, cause millions of dollars of milk losses due to diseases and germs and other farm stock to dairy every year.

The typical farm every year resorts to expensive  “chemical warfare” on flies with limited success. There is a better way however. God created a small insect that is near perfect solution to the fly problem. These little almost invisible wasp that never bother animals or people but attacks and eats fly eggs so they never hatch. Customers with over ten years’ experience with this system tell us they love them and have seen over ninety-five percent or more reduction in flies without having to use toxic chemicals insecticides all over the place.

For more information on fly predators or to order: Spalding Labs.com (1-888-880-1579) They work for all types of farm stock. The tiny bites are placed around the farm in the late spring in the northern states and now in southern states. We encourage you to plan ahead for your near “fly less” best summer ever with fly predators.

Michael Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.