Still suffering from Election shock? It’s amazing what an election will do to divide even good friends. Even husbands and wives who voted against each other! Along what the Bible says a house divided shall not stand so apply that to the U.S.A. Our nation is very divided and one side very violent and claims to support black Americans yet even loots and burns black owned businesses.

Why take out frustrations on the innocent public? Don’t be fooled. Violent occupy movements like in Portland, Oregon are not about justice but to destroy U.S.A and lead it to a communist takeover. Communist China funds black lives matter. Much voter fraud, more voters in some counties than the population numbers! People dead one hundred years still voting. WOW! Let’s pray for quick, accurate and complete counting of a legitimate voters ballots. Only one President candidate Trump is prolife and protects the unborn. We can’t keep killing sixty three million more U.S.A. babies and survive GOD’s wrath against murdering innocent babies.

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Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.