It’s Not Just for Cereal or Coffee Any More

When I ask people if they have had three glasses of whole milk today (which is something we all should be doing by the way). You know what most are saying? “Oh I don’t drink milk. I just put it on my cereal or coffee.” What I then asked them “do you like to be healthy?”  Whole milk is the cheapest, best, easiest to use health food in the entire store.

Just three tall glasses a day is 100% of your calcium needs. Some even tell me they grew up on a farm but don’t drink milk any more. Why? Now they drink a plant based product far inferior nutritionally in proteins and minerals that costs twice as much as real whole milk and leaves a bigger carbon footprint than milk (if they are environment minded).

Want to stay off the med clinic and prescriptions galore? Build your daily meals around three glasses of real whole milk. It is 97% fat free also builds your body against illnesses. Hint? Drink three glasses real whole milk daily and enjoy cheese, butter, ice cream, and yogurt while at it. Remember an old dairy farmer told me as a boy “ If you don’t have good health, you can’t enjoy your wealth.” Drink milk.

See 97milk.com and forward this article to your friends and also our herd health tips, they will thank you! Good Job!

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.