Isn’t it a bit early – since it’s cold out? Yes. Many warmer temperatures above 60°F are a long way down the road. The question is, how much do you want to use your time wisely now and plan to win, succeed, and strive for excellence? Bovine comfort, which starts faltering at about 60°F, greatly affects all areas of the cow’s life. Milk production can easily drop 10-20 lbs per cow per day due to decreased feed intake. Conception and heat detection can “melt away” while SCC can soar into the sky due to increased heat stress, suppressing the cow’s immune system. What are some things you can do to prepare for this next summer’s heat?

1. Schedule a meeting with several dairy equipment specialists and discuss cooling options such as tunnel fans, large overhead fans, and low-flow misters.

2. Visit other dairy farms who have installed improved ventilation systems.

3. Consider winter time installation for faster service and perhaps an “off-season” discount. Cow cooling can even save cows from death and keep workers and cows more comfortable and productive.