This time I will direct you to a goldmine  of information that is. These experts have all done a tremendous job and you will come away very encouraged prepared and equipped to help others muck better than I could on the very the very important topic of COVID-19,

1)      Check out: cchfreedom.org look up masks and COVID-19.

2)      Look up HILLSDALE.EDU October 2020 Imprints Volume 49 number 10 a sensible and compassionate “Anti-COVID Strategy” by Jay Bhattacharya.

3)      (Title) Why the American Church has believed the lie of COVID-19 and the second-part 2 – addresses the remedy and where things are headed  to listen, go on to Https://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?S1D=1112201830406695

4)      WisconsinChurchmenResolutions.com Strongly encouraged your pastor to stand against masking and lockdowns

5)      Order antimasking drop cards at: DeFyTyrants.com

6)      For a masking theological view lookup at: https://deFytyrants.com/are-we-masking-the-image-of-god-in-the-face-of-mancovid-19an-un-anticipated-problem/