We as Americans have been much blessed by GOD with so many resources, talented, generous , innovative, hard working in location people. The resilient people homebound that bounce back well after every war and difficulty. Now it’s time to put COVID-19 bon the rearview mirror. Yes, It is real for some people did actually die. However most that passed away are over seventy years old and about 98% of the dead had preexisting conditions 99% like heart, lung, diabetes, obesity. This is the “pet” disease of many in government and the face mask is their new idol like Baal. The death loss rate is 0.000.% nowhere near the 3-4% they were predicting. You are more likely to get buried under ice today if you live in the sharia desert where it never snows due to 100-120 degrees daily temps! This was a plan of the world leaders to do a great “reset” in 2020. In 2017 Dr. Fouchi said that there would be a great pandemic in 2020.  How did he know that? In fall 2019 a monk pandemic drill was held in New York City, N.Y. Why? Bill Gates of Microsoft is behind with many other wealthy people.  Sounds wild but they are not the kind generous people they pretend to be. They on record want to reduce the world’s population by removing one third of about 7.58 billion people in the world. COVID-19 helped to thin out thousands of frail elderly who would have sadly pasted on with the pandemic. Our point is masks significantly proven 97% ineffective in stopping COVID-19. Also COVID-19 most tell us was very newsy compared to having a good old case of flu. People who got it COVID-19 said would rather have COVID-19 than Flu! So what are we as Americans afraid of? Are we Wimps?

                The COVID-19 numbers are all skewed as well as those who die of Heart attack or even little boy hit and killed by a car are counted as COVID-19. In 1917-1918 Spanish Flu killed one hundred million worldwide Churches were only closed three weeks. In 2020 many Businesses and most schools forced to shut down due to even thought of getting COVID-19. Then the government gave us a Paltry check and told us to stay safer at home, that absolutely bologna wash. Masks are making people sick breathing and fatigued breathing exhaust gases all day also depression, suicide and divorce spiked up. We are all meant by GOD to be social beings. Fresh air and sunshine are needed with some face to face interactions with exchanging ideas and concerns. We have been duped! Even the Sherriff’s departments are not enforcing masks wearing also most please don’t take the vaccine for COVID-19. Why? What’s in the shot; threatening toxins and birth defects? Look at the flu vaccines many who take them still get the flu.  Did we forget we have a GOD given an immune system? Feed it whole milk, raw kale , broccoli apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, whole grains along with exercise; sleeping seven to eight hours. Try reading the Bible start in the gospel of John one chapter a day takes five to ten minutes only per day, it is amazingly calming and encouraging. Can’t sleep read Psalm 4:8 and Psalm 3:5 works great! Find a Bible preaching, Christ honoring Church to attend regularly. Let’s all move on past COVID-19. The economy has gotten much better. Let’s get back to normal and trust GOD, be encouraged. Let’s be thankful, GOD only so much evil go on. Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.