Some may think calves are born with a 10,000 BTU heater but they are not. They are fragile and get cold just like you and I. So, as you have given that Jersey new born 2 quarters colostrum other breeds 3 quarters. Then let the “calf mom” lick off the calf about one hour.

While at it, carry her 5-10 gallons or much as she can drink. “Luke warm” 60-80 degrees water. Most then dip calf’s navel in Iodine and preferably place in the calf hut with deep bedded (1 ½ foot) deep or wheat, oat straw. If below 60 degrees for best results use a calf jacket. This helps the calf stay healthier and grow faster as they will use less energy to stay warm. Most bull studs offer calf jackets. They are a wise idea.

This is for the AG Regular general blog: Weather Laws ( Weather Laws are to be in a yellow box with white letters.)

As wild as winter has been this year, perhaps somebody will be equally wild into law to about law winter. Maybe they’ll do some for summer, because it will be too hot!

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.