Have you heard lately statements like these; Black lives Matter or white supremacy?  The truth is all lives and preborn lives matter. What are these people fighting about? It is just skin pigmentation. Last time I checked no baby gets to choose their skin color at birth, under the skin, doctors note our organs, bones, connective tissue, and blood are all the same color. Acts 17:26 says: We are all one blood; all people are related and go back to Adam and Eve.

We are really fighting our relatives when we fight against one another over skin color or virtually any other issue except self-defense or defending a person. Whose life is being endangered. Try looking at each person as a special unique creation of God, owned by God. That helps my view of others how about you?

A positive note, no matter what color of cows you have; Immu-pro can help you we have 40 years that proves it.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.