Many people seem too extreme in their approach to life. Breeding dairy cattle is no different. Many trends and opinions have come and gone. Some say Shottle “Mr. Power House” makes them too strong. Some top cow men tell us Goldwyn “Mr. Show” makes them a touch on the frail side. The truth is both these sires make outstanding cattle when used in accordance to their genetic strengths. In the end, however, we need balance. Two top examples of balanced breeding sires are 54H345 Exodus Praises (MToto x Prelude) and 54H508 Exodus Prase (Goldwyn x Shottle). The “milk supply and consumption” issue is always a hot topic. The Bible says, “Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” (Philippians 4:5) Consider diets. Look at the South Beach diet or the Low-Carb diet. Why not just eat smaller portions at mealtime, and increase how many natural foods (fruits, vegetables, milk, etc.) you eat. Try eliminating most snacks and just exercise more! Too much or too little sleep creates problems, too. The answer to this and all other areas of life is to stay on a balanced program. Far too much exercise or too much eating could lead to some dangerous consequences. Balance is needed everywhere. Stay balanced, or start getting balanced today!