We all feel bad when we have a sore throat and usually to do something for it. Imagine you’re a cow! They cannot reach for treatment also when working on hoof trimming or horn removal, etc. To do these items as quickly as possible helps lessen the pain. It is pain that would occur in a sore hoof or an injured teat or even udder rot. One of the best tools for pain relief and fights off infections is Uddersol.

1) Anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling)

2) Antimicrobial (kills nasty infectious microorganisms such as E.coli, salmonella, staph aureus, MRSA (flesh eating microbes), listeria, and candida) Uddersol contains thirty-four phenols that break through the invaders cell walls and kills them. This includes cancer, lime’s disease, covid, flues, pneumonia, and nemesis of strep throat.

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