The other day I told someone “I am ashamed to call myself an American.” It is not because I get to eat at least once a day unless I chose not to while millions worldwide go hungry or because I have a job while many in the third world countries beg in the buddy streets amid the stench of open human and animal waste with the sweltering heat (100-130 degrees) and humidity in the sun. Even that I have a house and barn with acres of land that are all paid for while millions are homeless. I am ashamed that several people died in a protest storming the U.S.A. Capital 01-06-21 regarding they believe Joe Biden stole the election with extensive voter fraud. I am also ashamed that very best this country could produce in candidates in part was (the former vice president) Joe Biden and president Donald Trump . Both men have lists of allegations as long to the moon and back against each other.

Out of 328 million people in the U.S.A. people can’t we do better than that? Certainty there has got to be some leaders who could run and lead this country who have not taken alleged political payoff (bribes) from other countries or went bankrupt three times. Where are the modern day Ronald Regan’s? the Thomas Jefferson’s? John F. Kennedy? How about the Abe Lincoln’s? What about our original president George Washington? He who courageously lead America to defeat and drive out the British and gain America’s Freedom? He humbled himself and told the truth and he loved America and helped established this republic and form of government he even lent money to American Government.

What a rarity for most of our leaders today. Since Washington’s time U.S.A. has gotten wealthier and gotten farther away from following God and the Bible read the Bible daily it was taught in public schools even. Those people lived and feared God but slowly we have change is coming lid down the mountain to love of self and material things convenience and money and pleasure and entertainment.

Change is coming. The question is how much longer will God be merciful to America if she doesn’t repent. That became the envy of the world nobody was burning our U.S.A. flag the citizens were grateful for the great change that lost lives to win Freedom. The old V.F.W. veterans of foreign wars saying “Freedom is not Free” You didn’t see president Washington fighting daily with the newspaper press or vice versa. That must have been refreshing. I have heard traitors who sold the U.S.A. military secrets to foreign countries were permanently kicked out of the U.S.A. or executed. That would help to keep a flag waving to love America or leave it attitude don’t you think?

Now I am sure president was a sinner and far from perfect like every person today back to first Adam who sinned disobey God in the perfect Garden of Eden who because of him the whole world was plunged into a sin cursed state. We have wars, disease, famines, breaking of authority and disregards for it. Washington had character and a resolve to keep his word. He was not habitually lying. He did not seek fame or fortune or absolute power. Some said he could have been a King and Founded his term went back to farming. (are there even ten government leaders like that in the U.S.A.? Sounds like Abraham asking the Lord not to destroy with fire and brimstone Sodom for their homosexuality if ten are righteous people could be found there)

You know the rest of the story Sodom is a salt plain. No one lives their just as God said. Change is always taking place. More elections and promises to be kept or broken today. They all seems to start out rather well and fail us even with voter fraud. Millions still voted against a robust strongest economy in the world the U.S.A. no new wars and bringing our troops home and building boarder walls, taking care of veterans , helping farmers, stay in business and change export deficits, limiting abortions. Abortion with tax dollars to kill 3,000 unborn Americans in abortion clinics every day that’s over 63,000,000 American babies killed legally since 1973.

Some call it freedom of choice, what choice does the baby have in all this? Glad there are still adoptions. What do you think President Washington and the people of his day would say about the U.S.A. today? Keep breaking God’s 6th Commandment “Thou shall not Kill” sixty-three million babies many would be paying social security. Keeping it afloat and economy humming and grandparents by now since 1973. I believe George Washington would address the congress and the nation to “repent.” Why did we have to suffer and men suffer and die to give you freedom to kill unborn American babies and sell their body parts on line and stir up God’s wrath against you. Just a thought.

Since Washington’s time the 1700s, U.S.A. has steadily slipped down the mountain of Faith. Thus getting more worldly wealth and wicked drifting farther away each generation from God and the Bible this Holy Standard without there is no moral compass. We just do what we think is right at the time. In 1776 nearly all even theist Thomas Jefferson (later President) read the Bible. The Bible was taught in nonpublic schools and to majority went to church, prayed, read and loved and feared God and obeyed the Bible.

The crime and murder were low and divorce rates near zero. Fast forward nearly 250 years in the U.S.A. instead of dad’s teaching their children God’s Word the Bible at home and spending time with them, they let the media teach the children how to get a sex change, dad and mom often divorce and children rebel. Today we worship money, things, cars, entertainment, self-pleasure. We fight all authority. More change is coming. The question is how much longer will God be merciful to America if she doesn’t repent? What to you think? How much longer will America last if she does not change her wicked ways and humble herself and turn back to the Bible? May God swiftly be gentle to cause us to repent. Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.