Please write these phone numbers down and call/contact now.

1) Door of Hope International phone number 1-877-440-3644 (dohi.org) Well Vetted in getting Food and Bibles and aid to those in areas of great suffering tell them your donation is for Ukrainian relief Fund.

2) Fuel prices are crushing families and will affect farmers and cost of feed. Call all below and ask they reopen the Keystone oil pipeline now as U.S.A. has more crude oil than any nation. No high priced foreign crude oil is needed. High priced fuel is crippling the U.S.A. economy driving up the prices of food and transportation and nearly everything:

A) Call the Whitehouse comment live: 202-456-1111 ( Tuesday through Thursday 10 a.m. -2p.m. C.S.T.)

B) Call the U.S.A. Senate: 202-224-3121 ( ask to be connected to both your Senator’s offices).

C) Call the U.S.A. Congress: 202-225-3121 (hive your Zip code and they will connect you to your congressman)

The need is urgent contact all the above now!