1) Immediately A.S.A.P. after calving, clean out calf’s mouth and nostrils of mucus. Put two fingers in calf’s nostrils and pinch together for one second and remove to get calf breathing. A piece of stray bedding or even a drinking straw works great also.

2) Carry cow five gallons luke warm 70 to 80 degrees of water. Give her as much water as she can drink. (this greatly recuperates and rehydrates the cow) Dip calf navel with Iodine, ear tag the calf goal wean calf 5-6 weeks

3) Let the cow lick of the calf at least 20 minutes

4) Check the cows ears if cool or cold compared to the other cows ears. She may have milk fever and administer Cal-Dex in I/V (after milking) or S/C (hollow spot) next to tail head, and under handful or neck skin.

5) Check cows udder for abnormal milk. Then milk out cow; for most breeds feed 21/2-3 qtrs. (Jerseys 11/2-2qts) colostrum to calf using calf bottle or if won’t drink use “bag feeder” Save all this 1st milking colostrum in a gallon jugs and refrigerate (write on the jugs cow name and date called and milk for calf #) Feed only this colostrum in the morning and evening to the calf approximately 2-21/2 to most all breeds and 1 to 11/2 quarts to Jerseys

6) Many house calves in calf hutches opening facing south on a square “of road rock for hutch and 5 feet in front of hutch” shaken bale of straw works well for calf bed. Calf jackets recommended for 60 degrees and below. Many bolt ten feet piece heavy dog chain inside hutch and attach with a heavy swivel snapper to the other end attach to adjustable collar on the calf (check weekly) as they grow faster outside and when on 1 scoop of Immu-pro in the milk daily. No need for fence (which make for more hoof and fly problems) panels around hutch unless near wolves and coyotes. By the way calves gains extra 10-20lbs in six weeks on Immu-pro. Fed every day mixed in the milk. Many use our calf stress capsules. A lot give (2) of our cow capsules to the cow 2-5 days before the cow calves.

7) Many twelve to twenty four hours after calving for milking works great to flush udders.

8) List after infuse uterus of cow with 50cc luke warm water approximately 70 to 80 degrees.