The Kestell’s of Ever-Green-View L.L.C.

Waldo WI

“Where Dreams Come True”

Forty-nine years in business has taught us a quite a few things: one is you will never accomplish much if you give up easily and run from difficulties, refuse to ask questions and only do your best when you feel like it. Tom + Gin Kestell and family of the world famous Ever-Green-View L.L.C. located near Waldo, Wisconsin in the beautiful Lake Michigan side of the cheese and Badger State Wisconsin are the opposite of quitters. They are winners!

Source: getting married and starting out together in 1971 Tom + Gin have worked extremely hard and model the above qualities plus persistence and perseverance and great love for each other and for their family and a great love of dairy farming.  Son Chris and wife Jen are also stalwarts along with dedicated employees contributing to Ever-Green-View’s success.

Tom is always quick with words of encouragement and solid advise for other dairy farmers and encourages young people to dairy farm “we need more of them and to teach the young how to farm.” When Tom speaks you need to listen carefully. Tom + Gin are the Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo + Christian Yelich of dairy genetics and performance even world records, the above super athletes M.V.P.’s were not even born yet when Tom + Gen got their game on and started a career that has no off season.

Dairy farmers are the hardest working, kindest and most generous people you will ever meet and add friendly and hospitable to that for the Kestell’s. They often host foreign tour groups interested in buying embryos for their own genetics. They have sold about 10,000 embryos to Russia, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, India and the Netherlands and of course in U.S.A..

Want more performance? Herding about 46,500 M B.A.A. about 112% this is the highest combination of milk and type not only in U.S.A. but in the entire planet. Their herd has many state and national production leaders also to its credit. They also have the distinction of having the only world record dam and daughter pair of cows in the modern era and highest ever for milk production for a single lactation; Dam: Ever-Green-View My 1326 Et Ex922E GMD with over 72,000 lbs. milk, Daughter Ever-Green-View My Gold-Et Ex 93, Topped 77,000 lbs. milk. Winners of 29 progress genetic herd honors + nineteen years progressive breeder registry awards. They also have been awarded eleven times as a Holstein U.S.A. herd of excellence.

In fact Holstein U.S.A. bestowed their highest honor in 2018 to Tom an Gin as Holstein Association’s elite breeder. Tom was also awarded as master Agriculturalist by the state of Wisconsin. “Cows were meant to milk Gold Tom.”  He lives by this “never promise more than you can deliver and always deliver more than you promise.” Tom + Gin we are thrilled to congratulate you on your 50th wedding anniversary and 50 years of successful dairy farming together. No doubt they are looking forward to the grandchild stepping up to dairy farming with them. The farm Ever-Green-View has been on Immu-pro nearly twenty years. It’s in our T.M.R. every morning Tom says. Congratulations Tom + Gin and family you are a great encouragement to the World and to us. Michael Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.