Going to Grandma’s? We sincerely hope so! If not thanksgiving then how soon? Put yourself in her shoes. How would you like to be her wanting to see loved ones? Please honor your parents and grandparents by visiting them often. If you cannot get there at least call if state restricts for COVID-19 stepped up restrictions seems to be and excuse. However nearly one hundred percent of sheriff’s and law enforcement not enforcing face masking orders also of anyone asks you why not wearing mask, just tell them “I have a health concern and I cannot wear a mask.”  Tell them according “HIPPA laws” they cannot ask you the specifics what religious connections you may have since the COVID-19 death loss rate is still 0.0001% what are we so afraid of! Cancer, Flu , Heart attacks, repertory , diabetics and obesity kill combined about ten to twenty million people every year. No U.S.A. state government ever stopped people in every gathering long term in history for any holiday for any reason. The COVID-19 test  results in death losses are highly inaccurate. Do you believe them? Cove health official got tested four times in one day; the results  are two come back positive and two were negative with the same nurse and same place. Little boys ran over and killed by a vehicle are called COVID-19 death now! Get back to normal life. Most without bad lungs or hearts say flu  is much harder to go through than COVID-19! No vomiting or diarrhea. So get the turkey and bake pies and send Church cheese and ice cream and whole milk. Invite Grandma and Grandpa with friends and relations over or go see them. Have a bonfire with those with facemasks and roast marshmallows.