When I ask farmers; what is the most important group of cows on their farm? Most get it right by answering “dry cows”. That begs the question, since you know that; what are you doing about it to get your dry cows to transition from “preseason” to regular season?

  • Watch the body condition proper levels means less ketosis and milk fever and twisted stomach etc.
  • Get dry cows and all heifers due in less than 60 days on 0.25oz of Immu-pro every morning
  • At 30 days before calving bump them up to 0.50oz of Immu-pro per head
  • Many at dry off infused 30cc of Uddersol up each teat and rub up the udder from the bottom to the top buy lifting up each quarter (*0) times and push in.
  • They seal the teats. They like cinnatube from I.B.A.. It’s about 50% more effective and cheaper than the other well-known brands.
  • For many customers give 60cc of ID-1 nest to the tail head day of dry off.
  • 2-7 days before calving they give 60cc ID-1 and 2 Fight Strong Cow Capsules for stress. (they start increasing feed slowly at this time)
  • Many give at calving 60cc ID-1 to get swelling out of the udders and stimulate more milk and lower SCC.

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Mike Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc.