Immu-PRO – 25 lbs.


Immu-PRO is a dry powder produced from the highest quality first milking bovine colostrum available today. (See also Ingredients) It is 40% stronger than the previous powder we sold called Dairy Vita Pak. This version is used for conventional non-organic herds only.

It contains only colostrum taken within six hours after birth of the calf and is processed from large pools of material obtained from a large population of dairy farms. Each contributing farm must meet rigid standards established and all lots of product are tested to assure compliance.

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Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 12.5 × 12 in

Suggested Directions for Use:

*It is highly recommended to mix in the feed during the morning hours only!

For Dairy Cows and Heifers

Minimum 3 weeks feed .75 ounces per head, then if SCC still under 150,000: feed .50 oz. per head per day always feed in the morning only. Blend in TMR or hand-feed individually. Feed throughout lactation and the dry period for maximum effectiveness in naturally boosting immune systems and strengthening reproductive systems. Give all dry cows and bred heifers .25 oz. Immu-PRO per head daily for 60 days before calving and at 30 days before calving start .50 ounce. For best results keep these dry cows and heifers on the above program. Remember, you can start Immu-PRO at any time (on any stage of a cow’s or calf’s life), but ideally, you will want to give Immu-Pro to every animal .25 ounce everyday.