What is the connection between the worker’s health and the herd’s health? When you don’t feel you are sick, how proficient will you be at doing your job? Alertness, motor skills balance can all affect the worker’s performance. Duties such as milking Cows, feeding cows, feeding calves, heat detection plus even administrating meds to sick animals, requires sharp alert minds that aren’t distracted by pain of flu sore throat, colds, even dental and other pains.

One large Wisconsin frozen pizza company a couple years ago started preventative worker’s health and even doctor visits to factory. They educate workers on eating well and quitting items that destroy their health; the result? A 27% lower worker turnover. Also better worker performance and less worker sick days with lower health insurance costs. Facebook: Samaritan Ministries 1-309-689-0442. Also contact your local insurance agent. Finally Immu-pro and Stay Strong fed year around helps keep your herd health which makes more profitable.

Take good care of herd and workers; it pays! 1-920-650-1631 call us.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.