Many of them say “use premium gas only in all engines.” Fuels containing ethanol do not have the lubrication effect of pure gasoline and will dry out engine cylinder walls creating friction and increased wear on the engine. Which means you’ll be buying vehicles and equipping gas tractors more often! You can help extend life of your engines by using non ethanol fuels? That’s their expert advice.

Now is the time to get all tractors and equipment ready also lawn and garden equipment needs to get tuned , oil changed and sharpened and adjusted. Now also if not done more are using full synthetic multi grade oils even in small engines also, why? Saves money with longer (even 5-8,000) oil life and even better engine lubrication.

By the way always good to walk your lawn mowing areas so you are not mowing over rocks or other items which can damage blades. Some say get K+N lifetime air cleaners. They are reusable and saves you money. Sizes for all engines even lawn mowers. We’ve used them for years. They even add more engine power. Prolong engine oil treatment can help your engine last longer also. Plan ahead to get yourself the awesome DVD “Play the Flute” family friendly and fun.

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Mike Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc.