Many dairy farmers vaccinate all their heifer calves for brucellosis. Vets will administer the shot and tattoo the ear tag it as proof of vaccination. In over sixty years, I have never heard of even a single calf dying after getting the vaccine.  Many other vaccines are also given for “shipping fiver” warts and scours etc., again I have never heard of even one calf losing its life to a vaccine!

However, concerning the COVID-19 vaccines for people, I cannot say the same.  There has been loss of lives also some people have been severely damaged by a COVID-19 vaccine. High ranking medical authorities told through the media that COVID-19 vaccines would not stop COVID-19, but it’s affects. Numerous reports coming in of perfectly healthy doctors and nurses taking covid-19 vaccines and dying shortly thereafter!  Severe blood clotting is the frequent problem for many. The COVID-19 vaccines are not completely safe regardless of all the reassurance of paid government health officials. Also some people taking the vaccine are still getting COVID-19.

These vaccines actually change your body’s R.N.A. and cause permanent cellular changes in your body. I just had a strange thought, why has not a member of the U.S.A. Congress or the Senate or President Biden or his cabinet been stricken or killed from a vaccine as the other have been? Is it possible the elites are getting a placebo while everyone else is getting something very dangerous and different?

I have talked with high ranking F.D.A. (U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration Officials) they get paid billions for approving drugs and vaccines. I told one at our headquarters “you at F.D.A. approved Lipitor which treats high cholesterol it also destroys human livers and has caused death. I’ve met people who now need liver transplants because you approved Lipitor, Why?” He replied “they (drug company) paid us $500,000  in our “fast track program” (a quick trail on a few people rather than thousands over longer time), so I asked to this nervous man in suit and tie. “It’s all about money isn’t it? He said, “I’m going to tell something ‘everything you get from your Doctor is a poison.’”

I gave the high ranking F.D.A. official a gospel tract. I pray he repents of his sin and trust Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord! You know I believe we had safe very well tested vaccines for people in the U.S.A. in the past! However now with the Globalist like Bill Gates of Microsoft pushing the COVID-19 vaccines knowing what he did in Africa. He would like to reduce the world’s about 7.8 billion people down below 3 billion, yet the more people the more carbon dioxide they exhale and the more plants and trees will produce more food and oxygen which people need (there is plenty of room for all. I’m told 20 billion is no problem and plants for us and cattle on earth to grow and flourish as well). Just fly over Canada or mountains or the Dakota’s some time and see the thousands of miles of open spaces for more people.

Bill Gates worships the earth which many in government worldwide do. They think people are harmful to the earth (the exact opposite is the truth). Mr. Gates helped back and get a Malaria vaccine to Africa. It worked well, however soon the women were not getting pregnant! Was that by chance or design (by this on purpose act in Africa mean he does not like black people by the way).

Friends, study the facts COVID-19 vaccines were not tested for years like most drugs making them experimental. An experimental drug cannot be forced on the people to take! If you have to sign a waiver to take the drug so the administering organization giving the shot this should be a red flag to say something is wrong with it.

I do not want something to react negatively in my body; do you?  If the F.D.A. approves a new cow drug or vaccine and you hear of cows dying from it. Are you going to keep using it? Never did you see big corporations offering to pay people or give them free donuts for a year for getting the flu shot!! Now they are for the COVID-19 shot!

I would not advise taking it Folks. The masks are 97% ineffective and COVID-19 shots are too risky.  The Bible says to test all things in the world to His Word and pray to get wisdom from God before being a living guinea pig to test a unproven drug, trust in God!

Check out cchfreedom.orgwvr.comvcyamerica.orgbrainwashedthemovie.com.  Clark Howard live radio on the AM channel.

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Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.