It’s looking quite “green” out here. Green that is as in the outdoors and the U.S.A. economy. The Dow Jones in the Stock Market just hit 34,000, an all-time high; the Stock Market had an all-time high of 30,000 in the winter of 2020 then dropped to around 17,000 in April 2020. Americans are getting back to work and off the unemployment rolls.

States like Ohio and Michigan reported over 25,000 less filers for unemployment per week. Retail sales also up as consumers are gaining more confidence, air travel is starting to come back to life and cruise lines are looking to get going strong soon. Americans are also driving more again. They drove 15.7 billion miles the first week in April 2021; this is 1% over pre pandemic same week in 2019 that’s more fuel, oil, tires, and vehicle sales which means more dollars spent to fuel on jobs and the creation for more jobs. Americans are just getting tired of “staying home.” They want to visit “Uncle Joe and Aunt Martha”. Pepsi even reported snack sales were 15 billion so far in 2021 which is up according to Bloomberg business news.

On the dairy side great news for dairy farmers; farm milk prices starting to “flex their muscles” in April through near the end of 2021. The milk prices are now showing $18/C.W.T. on class #3 milk which is the majority of farms for cheese and butter; prices and consumption also up according to many agriculture news sources.

Many schools and restaurants are opening up more fully which means more dairy product sales. Our advice based upon increasing cow numbers still over nine million is cull heavy 5% now and tin 2% per month. This in light of milk production levels keep rising at near record pace. The “Milk Dam” could burst up ahead unless we all promote drinking whole milk and eating dairy products like cheese, butter, etc. with near the same “Ferrer” of producing it.

Press on American dairy farmers and trust God. (Support 97milk.com and others like them by the way) Some tell us “they hate milk.” Well, let’s all tell these just try some Co-Jack cheese or other cheeses!

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.