Ever run into a hassle getting great “push back” trying to resolve a conflict with a store, government, insurance company, and etc.? This is often called “Red Tape.” You may be dealing with what you think is a small easy to solve issue (it once took me nearly eight weeks to get back a $30 check from health insurance that I informed four weeks prior to my cancelation date.)

I told them of course stop all auto payments withdrawals immediately. Can you guess what happened? On the day of the “old” autopay date, I thought, better call the bank and see how all is going-Shocking! The mega monster large health insurance company even though they assured me they would not take any more money, did! I started to place a stop payment but even got the thirty dollar stop fee refunded.

Companies, banks, and government agencies act like deaf, dumb and uncaring giants who just step on we small unimportant people. They wouldn’t want to be treated like that, would they? Advice? Get out of big mega banks and join a credit union plus get a smaller insurance company if you are a born again believer, samaritanministries.org if in a “problem zone” right now. Forget the clerks, ask to speak to a manager. Don’t stop till you get to their president to get the help you want if the customer assistant cannot help. Do not give up (the average person gives up, don’t be average!)

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