Is America’s pastime hitting foul balls? Does the Major League Baseball (M.L.B.) really represent the views of most Americans? Recently when M.L.B. commissioner Manfred moved the 2021 M.L.B. all-star game from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver Colorado, he also lost some M.L.B. fans and ruffled some American Citizen Feathers.

The reason for this major venue change at such short notice? Did the stadium burndown? Was there leakage of toxins from a local nuclear power plant? No, It was the state of Georgia voted in voter photo I.D.. That is it! Is there anything wrong with one having to produce a photo I.D. before being allowed to vote? Who could possibly be against fair elections for all Americans. (Remember fall 2020)more people voted in some districts in U.S.A. than they had registered voters.

Could some of these people have voted 3-4 or even 10 times? Yes, over 300,000 deceased people voted in Nov. 2020. I hope when I’m dead, voter crooks will at least vote my convictions. HA! No I don’t want any corrupt elections or politicians or media for that matter. M.L.B. feels voter photo I.D. discriminates against blacks.

All colors of people are equal in God’s sight and need to be for all people viewing voters. See Acts17:26 (Got made one blood human race all notions one big happy gene pool.) 1) Did you know 51% of Atlanta, GA is black and about 49% is white. 2) M.L.B. moving the All-star game to Denver CO. is 71% white about 20% black and 9% other. 3) Black owned businesses in GA will lose approximately $100 million because of lost revenue from M.L.B. just moving this game to Denver. 4) 69% of blacks nationwide are in favor of voter photo I.D. (very interesting). 5) Buy a ticket for a M.L.B. on the phone and go to pick it up at on call window and M.L.B. will ask for what? Your photo I.D.! 6)

I realize M.L.B. players do not agree with M.L.B. the organization. Soon, however, some believe all professional and ever college sports will eventually “cave in to the political causes.” Many follow sports, myself included. Without fans buying tickets and merchandise and special media packages. What does M.L.B. have? What does voter I.D. have to do with sports anyway? What’s next pull? The Super bowl from a state with abortion restrictions or pull the N.B.A. championship out of a city that allows conceal and carry guns? (They say outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns). That’s a second amendment right to own a gun in the U.S.A. to properly protect people. Guns used by law abiding citizens can save lives. (In your church you might want to make sure someone has a conceal and carry gun).

Back to M.L.B. Will they next pull on event out of your state because your state has no restrictions on the healthy natural cycle of greenhouse gases CO2 + O2? If you milk goats, feed out beef, sheep, and hogs how does that make you feel? Is M.L.B. for or against U.S.A.?

What do you think? If M.L.B. and other sporting groups are undermining are undermining U.S.A. freedoms. Maybe it is time to lock up their “gold mine” aka our wallets. Empty stadiums and pro shops will make it hard to pay some of the athletes 100 million dollar plus salaries.

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Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.