Many might give the same answer when asked about their blood pressure, “I got some!” What is MUN? Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) According to Penn State University “urea is produced in the liver from ammonia derived mainly from the breakdown of protein in the cow’s rumen, and from normal metabolism of absorbed amino acids and body protein. MUN counts how good the cow is doing digesting and utilizing protein and making it into milk and taking care of her body’s needs. Many repair and growth and if gestating a calf.

Most experts say MUN should be 9-10. If lower, the cow is not getting enough protein. If over 10-11, cow is getting too much protein. Watch it closely. It will help “green up” your profits. Many feed Immu-pro with Stay strong to help get more quality milk F. + P. and lower SCC with better nutrient absorption an less feed waste; try some call 1-920-650-1631

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc